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2D Embossed PVC Keychain


  • Material: PVC
  • Size: Custom Size
  • Colors: CYMK/Pantone Color
  • Printing: 2D Embossed

Product Description

2D embossed PVC keychains are flexible rubber key chains that can be designed any way you like. These 2D embossed PVC keychains are made with 2D mold where it has an embossed top layer and sharp corners on the side. The less rigid and flexible properties of custom 2D embossed PVC keychain makes it easy for shape customization.

2D embossed PVC keychains can be used to promote events, trade shows or conventions, and are a great way to give away a PVC keychain that will serve to advertise your business for years. Customize these 2D embossed PVC keychain with any logo and colored per your design now.

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