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Bag Kenduri Gift

  • Material : PP
  • Size : Custom size
  • Logo : Silk screen printing

Product Description

There Bag kenduri gift is plenty of room for all hand sizes for surprisingly comfortable carrying. Whether you intend to use these goodies bag murah around your home in private, or send them off with a guests after a attend at your wedding . Our goodies bag offer exceptional value and a professional look everyone will appreciate especially as a event door gift . These bag kenduri gift are great for promotional items given out at events , weeding , trade shows , event door gift and exhibitions. The bright and striking design are a natural for bridal and wedding showers.

We here goodies bag supplier malaysia can custom design goodies bag murah to suit your specific color, shape and style requirements so you can have a unique look that stands out from the rest. For those looking for the goodies bag supplier, we have many sizes and styles of bag kenduri gift that will be ideal for you.Contact our sales team now to more information!

Material : PP
Size : Custom size
Logo : Silk screen printing

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