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Bubble Envelope Printing

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    • Material: Poly Bubble
    • Size:
      15cm x 18cm + 4cm
      18cm x 16cm + 4cm
      18cm x 23cm + 4cm
      20cm x 25cm + 4cm
      25cm x 30cm + 4cm
      26cm x 36cm + 4cm
      28cm x 37cm + 6cm
      33cm x 40cm + 6cm
      35cm x 38cm + 4cm
      37cm x 48cm + 4cm
      38cm x 46cm + 6cm
      60cm x 50cm + 8cm

Product Description

Can you print on bubble mailers? The best about our bubble envelope printing is, you can print you design, company logo or any text message on that envelope. Custom bubble envelopes is one of today’s most popular packing materials, why not used our Bubble Envelope Printing to deliver your parcel safely.So when your client received the parcel it will give the best impression to them with high class wrapping.

Customized Bubble Mailers available in 1,2 or full colour print. Choose from ready sizes and gloss or matt metallic finishes with MOQ 1000 pieces to make your order. If you are interested in having your bubble envelope with your own design but you are not sure exactly what you want, please contact our sales team to make your order.

custom bubble envelopes


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