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Color Coated Silicone Bracelet


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Engraving your design into the wristbands, we coated the outside of the bands with paint in the choice of your Pantone color. After painting, we engrave your design into the silicone wristband. The engraving causes the original color of the wristbands to show through the paint to provide a sharp contrast sure to turn heads. If you want your design to stand out from across the room, look no further than Color Coated Silicone Bracelet!

These Color Coated Silicone Bracelets are suitable for all types of events and can act as company merchandise. Make sure your brand is well visible to others especially your potential customer by having Color Coated Silicone Bracelets. Call us now to customize these Color Coated Silicone Bracelet with any text, designs, and message.

All these custom made silicone wristbands can be produced in logo printing, debossed, or embossed. Glow in the dark in the fonts or band.


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