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Cube Stress Ball

  • Material : PU
  • Color : Customized
  • Size : Custom size

Product Description

Cube Stress Ball have the effect of relieving stress and anxiety for adults of all ages, allowing you to let go of stress and enjoy life. This is a perfect handheld decompression toy. Let you no longer be bored and irritable, and create a feeling of relaxation and decompression for you. This cube stress toy very suitable for work, office, and extracurricular activities, but also suitable for any environment. Anti stress cube ideal for all type of attention disorder issues can help you keep your mind and hands fixed while playing,Which will help you improve your creativity and imagination for hand comfort and long term usage. Cube stress ball are made from smooth surface and designed to keep you or your safe.

The size of cube stress toy  allowing you to easily carry it wherever you go, take it out, and have fun anytime. You can give this to your family, friends, colleagues so that they will have fewer troubles and more fun in their lives. This is really a very good gift. Create your own anti stress cube for any occasion, printed in one color or full colour on every side. Show your branding or names printed onto cube stress ball for professional and elegant results. A printed on cube stress toy is a trendy and effective way to enhance your gift with that essence of style .Contact our sales team now for more infomation.

Material : PU
Color : Customized
Size : Custom size

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