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Pocket Tissue Printing

We are a pocket tissue printing supplier in Malaysia that is able to create pocket tissue that comes with logo printing. Also, we are able to customize various types of pocket tissues at competitive prices for all your promotional and advertising needs. To find out how you can use custom printed tissue paper to market your company products and services, please feel free to contact us today for a non-obligatory discussion and find out how you can increase your business leads by engaging our tissue advertising services.


The Power of Tissue Advertising

Tissue Advertising has been proven as a powerful and effective way of getting your message out, building product and brand awareness. This objective is achieved by simply putting your company brand into peoples’ hands.

Tissue Advertising is fast becoming a popular marketing and promotional medium in Malaysia. If your organization needs to create awareness for your products, service offerings, or promotions, a mass/targeted distribution strategy of tissue advertisement will ensure that your message gets to the general public/your targeted audience in the most effective and fastest time.

Benefits of Tissue Advertising 

Less Wastage: By giving custom tissue packets for free, people will retain your advertising message/promotion for a longer period of time, unlike brochures/flyers which are usually discarded almost immediately.

Power of Distribution: Pocket tissue advertising and distribution can be used to reach your targeted audience.

Multiple Exposure: A personalized tissue pack contains 8 sheets of tissue sheets and this means that your message and promotion will be noticed by your target audience at least 8 times. Furthermore, tissue packs are also usually shared amongst friends during the meal and this can possibly create a viral effect for your marketing campaign.

Custom Printed Tissue Pack Pocket Tissue Advertising

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