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Cutlery Set Printing


  • Chopsticks – Length: 20.5cm Thickness: 4.3-5.0mm
  • Napkin – Unfolded dimensions: 21*22cm, Fold size: 11*4cm
  • Toothpick – Package size: 9cm*1cm
  • Spoon – 14.5cm long and 3.4cm wide


Product Description

Looking for kitchen & table related promotional merchandise? We can print your brand logo onto printed cutlery to make your brand get exposed to your audience. This cutlery set printing can be a great new way to promote your business.

Everyone likes to eat and they also like to be able to take a good quality set of forks and knives with them when they travel. You can make a printed cutlery sets to distribute to your customers for free.


Length:20.5cm Thickness:4.3-5.0mm
Use more than 3 years ofbamboo carefully crafted, hard and not easy to deform, non-paint without wax, the original ecology material,, health and environmental protection, more safe.and more Comfortable.


Unfolded dimensions:21*22cm, fold size:11*4cm
Selection of raw wood pulp base paper, no addition, no stimulation, machine folding, safety and hygiene.


Package size 9cm*1cm
It contains a single bamboo toothpick, which is made of bamboo from deep mountain, original ecology and green and environment friendly.Each individual package, clean and tidy.

14.5cm long and 3.4cm wide
Food graded PP materialthe plastic of spoon,withstand high temperatures, it toughness is not easy to break, and widely used in all various occasions, it can be directly in contact with food and easy to use.

Enquire us now to create personalized cutlery set with your brand with our team now!

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