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Jute Burlap Lace Ribbon


Material: Jute,Burlap, Lace


Product Description

Natural jute burlap lace ribbon with different styles of burlap lace, enough for your various occasions. Natural linen material, good toughness, sewing on the edges, making it more sturdy, each burlap roll comes with a pin to fix in case of scattering. These jute berlap lace ribbon easy to use, roll-shaped, easy to carry, and you can cut them to the right size according to your needs. 

These burlap laces are suitable for wedding parties, home parties, bottle decorations, scrapbooking, crafts, gift wrapping, flower arrangements, birthdays, banquets, bows, et. Create your very own design with jute burlap lace ribbon, contact our team sale now for more infomation.

Material: Jute,Burlap, Lace

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