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Laminated PP Woven Bag


  • Material: PP Woven
  • Size: Custom Size
  • Color: CYMK/Pantone Color

Product Description

What is PP woven bag?  This laminated PP woven bag is spacious and durable enough for heavy-duty grocery shopping, but portable and lightweight enough to carry with you on the go. Laminated PP woven bags is constructed from Polypropylene Woven and it is suitable to use for trade shows, open days, exhibitions.

Finally, a durable, eco-friendly laminated bags designed for your advertising budget! This laminated PP woven bag’s vibrant colors will make your logo pop, while sending your customers the message that you care about the environment. Our customized laminated PP woven bags available in any colors with full color printing. You can have these laminated PP woven bags that will help you market your business today!

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Custom PP Woven Bag PP Woven Bag Printing Printed-PP-Woven-Bags PP Woven Bags Malaysia


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