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New Car Ribbon


  • Size : 80cm(W) x 90cm(H)
  • Logo : Engrave

Product Description

New Car Ribbon are perfect way to wrap big car purchase you make. As a result they all have a nice soft handle to them, reducing any course friction against car paintwork. New car ribbon comes in a wide range of colours and shades, you can refer tou our ribbon color chart.

We can produce new car bow ready to use, there’s no construction necessary on our personalized car bow! Open the box and place on your gift in a few seconds, our giant car bows can be made in big bow colours of your choice. This bow is available in a huge variety of colours and is perfect for a car showroom.

Get your quotation for personalized car bow now to place your order. Feel free to cotact our sales team for more infomation.

Size : 80cm(W) x 90cm(H)
Logo : Engrave

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