Non Woven Apron

  • Size 62cm x 42cm

Here at Mags Premium Gifts Sdn Bhd, we offer a wide range of custom apron, which can be branded with your logo or company name. Apron printing make great workwear for your kitchen staff, but will also work well as corporate gifts. If your brand centres around food, you need our disposable non woven apron. Whether you’re looking to buy new uniforms for your staff, you need the perfect corporate gifts to send to clients, or you want some fun but functional items to hand out at industry events, our bespoke customised aprons are ideal.

Create your personalised Non Woven Apron. Print your own design to make a memorable gift for your customers. If you need any help, there are our sales team that can help you out. Have the best deals and save more only here.

Personalized Aprons Custom Aprons Apron




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