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Pan Grill Steamboat Pot With Printing


Logo : 1 color silk print

Product Description

Our Pan Grill Steamboat Pot Multipurpose Grill, Boil, Fry, Roast, Cook, Stew Dual-Temperature Control Motion.To prevent over heat or burn of food at either part (BBQ or Steamboat) 3 level to control heat temperature (High, Low, OFF) Anti-hot at both side handle to carry BBQ pan easier Stainless steel steamboat pot more last longer and quality Safe Non-Stick Grill Pan Easy to Grill and Clean Short Circuit protection Fast Heating Efficient, Powerful at the same time.

Our pan grill steamboat pot come with clear cover to satisfy your steamboat cravings.You can print any logo , design and text on top of cover pot . This is definitely one gift you should buy for you and your family! Print your logo2 in 1 BBQ Grill&Steamboat now .Out pan grill space Barbecue is not burning, smoke and dust. Easy to control, hygiene and cleaning.

Logo : 1 color silk print

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