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Plush Toys Massage Stick


  • Material: plush, soft boa, 100% Polyester filling
  • Application: You can relax your nerves by striking your back lightly with it.

Product Description

Plush Toys Massage Stick made with light but sturdy wooden stick to massage your fatigue away. This massage stick come with adorable plush toys that make it soft when touch your mucsle and relieve your stress away. You can take it anywhere and do massaging wherever and whenever you like. Perfect for home, office and travel. It can massage your shoulder, back, waist, arms, etc. So it works well to massage your whole body, relieve pain and tired, relax the body.

This soft toys massage stick would be great if you see your client or colleague used of your custom massage stick. Send us your artwork file and get in touch with our team for the process of creating your Shoulder Stress Stick. Call us now to customize with any text, designs, and message.



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