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Pocket Tissue Printing


  • 3 ply tissues
  • Measurement : 11.2cm x 30cm
  • MOQ : 500 packs
  • Logo : full color printing / one color printing

Product Description

Pocket tisue printing have been around for over years for many different special occasions. Pocket tissue have added special sparks, and how it represents your life and mood at any of your meals. We know how essential they can be, that is why we offer a wide range of selection of designs, unique colors and top qualities products of printed pocket tissue.

Perfect for branding your next lunch or dinner event, our custom pocket tissue can be printed one color or on to a range of soft coloured tissue. Personalized custom pocket tissue for any situasion, from drink and dining to hand towels, packaging and more. We can print a variety of colors and fonts to suit your style, including the art or logo of your choice to create the perfect look. Contact our sales team now for more information about the wallet tissue !

  • 3 ply tissues/ 2 ply
  • Measurement : 11.2cm x 30cm
  • MOQ : 100 packs
  • Logo : full color printing / one color printing

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