The world is moving towards a future without disposable plastic straws. How will people drink out of cans or cups while at the office or homes? Recipients can use the custom made bubble tea straw, with your logo, that you give to them! The size of these customized wide stainless steel straws is larger compare to normal straws and it is suitable to be use to drink bubble tea and ice blended drinks.


Where to find for personalized reusable smoothie straws with logo engraved in Malaysia?  We got it here!  New Items!  We can laser your logo or text to the reusable smoothie straws or you can choose to print your logo to the packaging. Our custom wide stainless steel straws is superb in quality and it look exclusive in the pouch.


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Logo: Logo engrave
  • Packaging: Bag and cleanser
  • Color: 7 colors to choose
  • Size: Different sizes available

Bubble Tea Straw


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