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Protective Eyewear

  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Transparent
  • Size : Freesize

Product Description

What is the best protective eyewear? This the best protective eyewear that can protect your eyes from dangers in hospitals, laboratory, chemical  mining, garden, barn, construction site, etc.They fit comfortably over glasses.Eye protection glasses are made of clear soft PVC, so they can be comfortably placed over most prescription glasses, ensuring you can see clearly and wear comfortably.Our medical goggles come equipped with a comfortable adjustable strap, ensuring a perfect fit for men and women of all sizes, wide to fit over the glass.With soft rubber nose bridge that fits well with nose pads and prevents pinching of the skin. Lightweight protective eyewear will make you more comfortable to wear everywhere.

Let these become the item that will help you to gain more impression for your company’s brand name today. Quickly ask us for further details about our eye protection glasses.Get in touch with our team for the process of creating your product. Call us now to get this medical goggles .

Material : Plastic
Color : Transparent
Size : Freesize

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