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Sanitary Pouch

  • Material : Cotton
  • Color : Custom Color
  • Logo : Silk screen printing

Product Description

Sanitary pouch made with soft material and offers a stable button. This helps in keep your sanitary napkin neat and safe.Every woman must possess this sanitary pad pouch as it prevents the napkins from getting dirty and hence maintains personal hygiene.These pouches can accompany you almost anywhere. They can also be used to store tissues and towels. The material used in the making renders to its durability while still maintaining the same quality.Our sanitary pouch ideal for girls to store all the sanitary items like tissue papers, sanitary napkins, towels etc .

Sanitary napkin storage pouches. Ideal for travel, vacation, office carrying, school use, gym, camping, outdoor activities, etc.Sanitary pouch can be put in your bag and taken anywhere with you, as the shape moulds to fit without taking too much space unlike boxes and containers. Logo can be printed on the sanitary pad pouch you can have clear logos and brand tag printed on the pouches to promote your business. Get your custom sanitary pouch with us now, feel free to contact us for customization process.

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