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Stand Up Pouch offer a dazzling new way to package and present your products. Thepouches cover a range of sizes from 150ml up to 4 litres in 6 different styles. The bottom gusseted base makes them suitable for direct presentation on the shelf but also means they pack efficiently in storage and use minimum space. The stand up pouch has a resealable press-close strip which allows the pouch to be resealed after the initial opening to preserve the freshness of the produce inside.

The header is also sealable with a standard heat-sealer, while handy tear notches give an ‘easy’ first open when the bag is sealed like this. The stand pouch are perfect for most wet and dry food products such as confectionery, cereals, tea, coffee, pet food, dried fruits etc.

Stand Up Pouch  are available in custom sizes and with printing. Customized your stand up pouch packaging with any logo or design with one color or full-coloured printing to advertized your logo and brand. Contact us aluminium pouch supplier malaysia now for more information.

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