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Sublimation T Shirt printing is the process where ink is sublimated into the fabric (100% nylon/polyester) at high temperatures. What you get is a fully all over printed apparels with designs ink inside the fabric (smooth feel of the T Shirt ). Dye Sublimation is a computer-aided printing process that turns ink into a gaseous state for printing. The
gaseous ink is absorbed into fabrics, the dye sublimation process works best with nylons and polyester materials Sublimation printing is recommended for customers who are looking to print all over full colored designs.

Popular apparel would be cycling apparel & jersey printed apparel as well as retail fashion brands. Many of our corporate customers opt for sublimation printing as their designs and customization of colors throughout the apparel can be very complex. We deliver good quality printing at competitive pricing, reinforce with reliable delivery. We provide extensive printing techniques ranging from the commonly used method of silkscreen printing and popular heat transfer printing, embroidery, sublimation, and many more printing options. These options let you personalize and design any apparel that you desire. We guarantee excellent customer service and quality assurance.

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