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Ziplock Bag With Handle


  • Material : PET / PE
  • Thickness: 100 micron
  • Size :
    10cm x 20cm +6cm
    12cm x22cm + 6cm
    14cm x 24cm + 6cm
    12cm x 26cm + 8cm
    18cm x 28cm + 8cm
    20cm x 30cm +8cm
    23cm x 33cm +8cm
    12cm x 22cm + 6cm
    16cm x 26cm + 8cm
    20cm x 30cm + 8cm


Product Description

  • Food Grade Ziplock Bag with handle available in matt surface.
  • Material : PET / PE
  • Thickness: 100 micron
  • Suitable for packing all kinds of food products like snack, dried food, biscuit , coffee, sugar, bread, tea, pet food, candy, etc.
  • Feature: Moisture-proof, high transparency, self supporting bottom, and easy to tear design

Custom made transparent Stand Up Pouch with handle is available with your own design and logo printing. A variety of custom laminated bags are available. Welcome to check with our sales team.



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