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Dry Ice Pack


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Ice pack bag are recommended together with a thermal insulating box to provide a cool temperature and ensuring optimal cold chain packaging during transportation. Reusable Ice Packs suitable for food, chemical, health care, logistics, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Commonly used together with food products such as seafood, chocolate, ice cream and frozen meat or sausages.Besides a cold pack Techni Ice also doubles as a Heat Pack. The same sheet of techniice can be used as both a hot pack and cool pack with this dry ice pack printing.

These ice pack bag folded together without any of the sticking problems normally associated with dehydrated refrigerant sheets using non-woven fabric surfaces .Our ice bag provide to do a your own logo printing , silk screen printing and also heat transfer printing.Reusable ice packs is reusable for years because it has a unique 4 layer/ply construction. This consists of two heavy duty, washable plastic surfaces on both sides, plus a two layer textile sheath on the inside to contain the polymer and resist puncture. This ensures long reusable life and provides insulation for superior performance. Call our sales team now to get your own Ice pack bag printing with any logo , text and design.

Size : Custom Size



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