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Insulated Bag With Double Side Tape


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These Insulated Bag With Double Side Tape are an ideal solution to keep your warm food warm and cold food cold for hours, be it seafood, fruits, drinks, milk, sandwiches, pizza, salads or other things. Whether you want to go for beach picnic or just want to carry your groceries, these insulated bag with sticker prove to be good companion. Moreover, the bags are extremely durable yet inexpensive! It’s easy to bring at work, school or on travels etc.

These insulated bag with double side tape are easily to use or pack. It is same like you wrap your gift box with plastic wraper, first you need to make sure your box of food/others nicely placed inside the insulated bag.  Then fold both of the edge of the bag tightly to make sure the bag keep tempeture inside. Last open double side tape to seal the insulated bag.

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