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Plane USB Drives

  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Logo Imprint: Spray your airplane USB Drive with any colors or design
  • Color Printing: 1-full colors
  • Capacity: 2gb,4gb,8gb, or above
  • Warranty: Sandisk USB Chip with a 1-year warranty
  • Storage Lifetime: More than 10 years

Product Description

Plane USB Drives is made up of plastic material to perform a durable custom shaped USB Flash Drive. It is available to be sprayed with any preferred colours according to the PMS Colour Chart. Besides, you can also imprint your business logo on the body part of plane. It helps to outstand your company identity with this unique customized USB Flash Drive. This type of Custom Plane Shaped USB Flash Drive is suitable for any airline companies to send out as merchandisers or door gift.

The USB Flash Drive is available to customize with a minimum capacity of 2GB Sandisk Chip. The USB Version 2.0 is suitable for any kind of laptops, computers and all electronics with USB Ports. It supports USB-zip and USB-HDD boot-up with a high-speed reading above 12ms/s.

Choose your own colour code of printing for your designated artwork with our PMS Colour Chart now. It is available with a hanging hole for any additional attachments.


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