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Plastic Gold Medals 269


  • Material : Plastic
  • Size : 8.8mm (D)
  • Colour : Gold / Silver / Bronze
  • Weight : 31g


Product Description

Custom logo plastic medals are distinctive and versatile tokens of recognition and achievement. Crafted from durable plastic materials, these medals offer a cost effective and lightweight alternative to traditional metal medals. They can be customized with your unique logo or design, making them ideal for promotional events, corporate recognition, or school awards.

These plastic medals come in a variety of colors and can be custom into various designs to suit your needs. They are not only budget friendly but also offer the flexibility to incorporate intricate details and vibrant colors in your design. The lightweight nature of plastic medals makes them comfortable to wear and ideal for events where metal alternatives may be impractical.

Whether you’re looking to reward employees, celebrate student accomplishments, or promote your brand, custom logo plastic medals provide a visually appealing and cost effective solution. They serve as a tangible reminder of success and achievement, leaving a lasting impression on recipients and showcasing your brand or message in a unique and eye catching way.

Material : Plastic
Size : 8.8mm (D)
Colour : Gold / Silver / Bronze
Weight : 31g


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