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PVC Rubber Coaster


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PVC Rubber Coaster feature a non-slip base and are completely heat resistant to make up the perfect promotional gift. Cup Coaster can be square or circular as standard but we can also supply custom shapes or sizes to match your requirements. They’re waterproof, they’re perfect for hot drinks, and they make great corporate gifts. In fact, PVC rubber coasters are a truly flexible promotional tool.

Make sure your brand is well visible to others especially your potential customer by having a PVC Rubber Coasters. Have your design on these PVC coasters and use it as your promotional tool for your company.

why are drink coasters called coasters?

The word coaster comes from the phrase “bottle-coaster,” which are round wheeled trays that were originally used to hold decanters. These trays “coasted” around the perimeter of a table to each guest during dinner, serving them their drink. Beermats were first referred to as “coasters” in 1913.

PVC Rubber Drink Coasters Rubberised Soft PVC Coaster


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