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Ribbon Medal 46


  • Material : Nylon
  • Size : 2.5cm (W)


Product Description

Custom made Ribbon Medals are unique and distinctive, making them stand out as special tokens of recognition. They offer a more memorable and personalized form of appreciation. These medals can be fully personalized with specific details such as event names, logos, or individual names. This personal touch makes them suitable for commemorating specific achievements or milestones.

Ribbon Medals are versatile and can be adapted for various purposes, including sports competitions, academic achievements, corporate awards, and special events. They are highly adaptable to different occasions. The ribbon adds an element of elegance to the medal, enhancing its overall presentation. Organizations and businesses can use custom made Ribbon Medals to promote their brand or event by incorporating logos and branding elements into the design.

Ribbon Medals are commonly used in sports events to reward athletes and participants for their achievements. The ribbons can be customized to match the event’s theme or feature the organization’s branding. Businesses present Ribbon Medals to employees, partners, or clients to acknowledge outstanding contributions, loyalty, and achievements. The ribbons can feature the company’s logo or branding.

Schools and clubs recognize achievements in various extracurricular activities, such as music, arts, and sports, with Ribbon Medals. They add an extra layer of significance to the awards. Custom made Ribbon Medals can be used in corporate events, trade shows, and promotional campaigns to add a personalized and branded touch to the medals or giveaways.

Material : Nylon
Size : 2.5cm (W)


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