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Umbrella Printing PA892


  • Umbrella cloth: vinyl
  • Color : Pink,Blue,Green,White


Product Description

Umbrella is still the best selling promotional items in the market. A place with hot weather and raining season will always demand an umbrella. Umbrella 892 style will give different look to your company business. This three fold umbrella easy to keep and carry to anywhere. Mags Premium Gifts Sdn Bhd is providing high-quality printing service for all range of custom umbrellas.

Umbrella 892 are suitable for all types of events and can act as company merchandise. Not only do they provide plenty of room for your advertising, they can be seen far and wide. Logo can be imprint and make sure your brand is well visible to others especially your potential customer by having a three fold umbrella.

Umbrella cloth: vinyl
Color : Pink,Blue,Green,White

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