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Glow In The Dark Keychain


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Glow in the Dark Keychain can attached to car keys, house keys, bags, tents or even your pets, for a super long lasting and bright glow that can go on being charged for years to come. This Glow in the Dark Keychain brighter and glow much longer than cheaper glow products. The keychain will reflect light in the daytime and shine out the colors as a bright green glow when dark, the longer and brighter the exposure to light is, the longer and brighter the keyring will glow.

Design your own glow in the dark keychain with company logo, custom size, colors, and add-on accessories. Make sure your brand is well visible to others especially your potential customer by having a Glow in the Dark Keychain. Send us your artwork file and get in touch with our team for the process of creating your product.


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