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Medal Ribbon 56


  • Material : Nylon
  • Size : 2.5cm (W)
  • Colour : Gold / Silver / Bronze
  • Weight : 10g

Product Description

Custom medal ribbons can elevate the presentation of a medal. They add an aesthetic and professional touch to the award, making it more visually appealing. Medal ribbons can be customized with logos, event names, or personal messages, allowing for branding and personalization. This is particularly useful for events, organizations, or businesses looking to promote their identity.

Medal ribbons come in a variety of colors, allowing for coordination with event themes or corporate branding. This adds a cohesive and polished look to the awards. Medal ribbons are designed to be worn around the neck, and their soft texture ensures comfort for recipients. They are gentle on the skin, even during extended wear. Medal ribbons are versatile and can be used for various types of medals, including sports, academic, military, and commemorative medals. They are adaptable to different occasions and purposes.

Medal ribbons are commonly used in sports competitions to hang medals awarded to athletes and participants. The ribbons can be customized to match the event’s theme or the colors of the organizer. Educational institutions use custom medal ribbons for academic and scholastic awards, recognizing excellence in subjects, perfect attendance, or special accomplishments. Businesses use custom medal ribbons to enhance the presentation of awards given to employees, partners, or clients for outstanding performance, service, or loyalty.

Custom medal ribbons can be used in corporate events, trade shows, and promotional campaigns to add a personalized and branded touch to the medals or giveaways. Custom medal ribbons provide an array of benefits by enhancing the presentation, personalizing awards, and offering comfort to recipients. Their versatility makes them suitable for various applications, ranging from sports events to academic achievements and beyond.

Material : Nylon
Size : 2.5cm (W)
Colour : Gold / Silver / Bronze
Weight : 10g

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