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Plastic Medal Malaysia 669


  • Material : Plastic
  • Size : 8.2cm (D)
  • Color : Gold / Silver / Bronze
  • Weight : 34g

Product Description

Custom plastic medals in Malaysia offer a distinctive and personalized way to celebrate achievements, acknowledge contributions, or promote your brand. Crafted from durable plastic materials, these medals can be tailored to your specific preferences, whether for corporate events, school awards, or promotional purposes.

Malaysian manufacturers specialize in creating custom plastic medals with precision and attention to detail. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your unique requirements. These medals are not only lightweight and cost effective but also provide the flexibility to showcase intricate designs and vibrant graphics.

Whether you’re recognizing outstanding performance, honoring employees, or using them as promotional tools, custom plastic medals in Malaysia are a versatile choice. They offer a visually appealing and budget friendly solution, leaving a lasting impression and helping you convey your message effectively, all while supporting local craftsmanship and production.

Material : Plastic
Size : 8.2cm (D)
Color : Gold / Silver / Bronze
Weight : 34g

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