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Plastic Medals 869


  • Material : Plastic
  • Size : 9.6cm (H) x 8.5cm (W)
  • Colour : Gold / Silver / Bronze
  • Weight : 31 g

Product Description

Custom plastic medals offer a range of benefits and applications due to their versatility, cost effectiveness, and customization options. Here are the benefits and usages of custom plastic medals. Custom plastic medals are generally more budget friendly compared to traditional metal medals, making them an excellent choice for organizations and events with limited budgets.

Plastic medals are lightweight, which is advantageous for events and activities where weight considerations matter, such as races and competitions. This makes them ideal for reflecting the theme, logo, or branding of an event or organization. While plastic may not have the weight and feel of metal, it is still durable and can withstand the test of time. They are less prone to tarnishing, rusting, or discoloration.

Plastic medals can be produced in a wide range of vibrant and eye catching colors, making them visually appealing and suitable for different types of events. Custom plastic medals are ideal for youth sports competitions, school events, and children’s activities. They are safe, affordable, and can be designed with fun and colorful themes.

Plastic medals are frequently used in charity runs and walks as participation awards. They are lightweight and cost-effective, making them suitable for mass events. Businesses and organizations can use custom plastic medals as promotional items at trade shows, fairs, and marketing campaigns. These medals can be branded with the company logo or message. Their lightweight and colorful nature make them particularly well suited for various activities, especially those involving children, fundraising, and promotional purposes.

Material : Plastic
Size : 9.6cm (H) x 8.5cm (W)
Colour : Gold / Silver / Bronze
Weight : 31 g

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